TS ICET 19th August 2021 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

If COVID is coded as FRYLG then the code for CORONA is

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Question 62

In a certain code the word PINK is coded as OLQJ and the word BLUE is coded as VFCM, then the word GREY is coded as

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Question 63

In a certain code RELATION is coded as IVOZGRLM. Then which word is coded as UFMXGRLM?

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Question 64

If CATCH is coded as GEXGL, which word is coded as HVST?

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Question 65

If HIGH is coded as 08090708, then the DARE is coded as

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Question 66

If March $$2^{nd}$$ of an year is a Sunday, then the day on November $$20^{th}$$ of the same year is?

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Question 67

When the time in the clock is 7.13 AM, then the smaller angle between the minutes hand and hours hand, in degrees is

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Question 68

A clock was set at right time at 8 am on Monday. It is known that the clock gains 10 minutes every 24 hours. If the clock shows 1 pm on Tuesday, what would be the correct time?

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Question 69

Let the Blood relationships between 2 persons be defined as
i) X + Y $$\Rightarrow$$ X is husband of Y
ii) X - Y $$\Rightarrow$$ X is sister of Y
iii) X $$\times$$ Y $$\Rightarrow$$ X is son of Y

what is the relationship A to B in A - C $$\times$$ B?

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Question 70

Mr. A reaches office 48 minutes before Mr.B who came to the office 12 minutes later than Mr.C. If C came to the office at 10.25 am; the time of arrival of A to the office is ?

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