SSC CHSL 23 March 2018 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The difference between 66 % of a number and 44% of the same number is 275. What is the 64% of that number?

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Question 2

Calculate the value of $$(5^\frac{1}{4}-1)(5^\frac{3}{4}+5^\frac{1}{2}+5^\frac{1}{4}+1)$$

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Question 3

Find 'x' if $$\sqrt{(2+7x)}=\sqrt{(3x+4)}$$

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Question 4

The product of two even consecutive numbers is 168. Find the sum of numbers.

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Question 5

A line DE parallel to the side BC intersects the other two sides of triangle at point D and E such that AD=$$\frac{1}{6}$$ AB and AE=$$\frac{1}{6}$$ AC. If the value of BC is 18 cm then calculate the value of DE (in cm).

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Question 6

Consider the two equiangular triangles ABC and DEF having medians as AL and DM respectively as shown in figure below.

Choose the correct option for the above situation.

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Question 7

The value of a car depreciates at the rate of 15% per annum. If its present value is Rs 433500, then what was the value (in Rs) of the car 2 years ago?

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Question 8

If A : B : C = 2 : 3 : 5 and C : D = 2 : 5, then what is A : D?

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Question 9

In a mixture of 35 litres, the ratio of water and acid is 6 : 1. If 5 litres of acid is added to the mixture, then what will be the ratio of water and acid in the new mixture?

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Question 10

The average savings of Champak in 5 days is Rs 160. If his savings for the first 4 days is Rs 155, Rs 170, Rs 134 and Rs 168 respectively, then what is his saving (in Rs) of the $$5^{th}$$ day?

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