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1500+ Must Solve SSC Questions and Answers. Best practice platform for SSC aspirants containing a total of 75 Topics on GK (General Knowledge/Awareness), Reasoning, Maths (Quantitative Aptitude), English. Very important questions taken from model tests and most repeatedly asked questions in previous papers. Practice sample questions for CGL, CHSL, JE, GD constable, Stenographer, MTS, and CPO exams with solutions.

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SSC Quantitative Aptitude

Ages is one of the most prominent topics in the SSC exams. Solve a few questions from this topic that never ages.

Algebra is an important topic tested in SSC exams. Go through these SSC algebra questions with detailed solutions to master this topic.

Arithmetic topics form the major chunk of the quants section. Have a go at our SSC arithmetic questions to know about the various types of questions that appear from these topics.

The difficulty of questions from averages and percentages has risen over the years. Check whether you can solve the tricky ones by going through our excellent collection of averages and percentages questions.

Coordinate geometry questions are easy to solve once one's basics are clear. Have a go at our collection of coordinate geometry questions to strengthen your basics.

Data Interpretation sets that appear in SSC exam are easy and reward those who have practised DI sets well. Solve our collection of DI questions to improve your performance in this topic.

Word problems on fractions and algebraic fractions appear quite frequently in SSC exams. Solve our questions on fractions and go through the solutions to master this topic.

Geometry has always been one of the favourite topics in SSC exams. Solve the following geometry and mensuration questions to come across some beautiful ideas in the topic.

Simple and compound interest is one of the simplest topics in SSC. Go through our collection of simple and compound interest questions for SSC exams to ensure that you do not miss out on sitters.

HCF and LCM belong to the class of topics that have a huge range of applications. Practise SSC HCF and LCM questions to know when to use these concepts in a question.

Questions on linear equations are usually tricky and require a good amount of practice to solve. Practise our SSC linear equation questions to improve your grasp of the topic.

Logarithms, surds, and indices questions require a thorough understanding of the underlying concepts. Solve our SSC logarithm questions to strengthen the basics.

Number systems form the bedrock for a variety of topics. Practising our SSC number systems questions will be of great help in achieving conceptual clarity in this topic.

Profit and loss is the most important arithmetic topic in SSC exams. Solve our set of SSC profit and loss questions to get a hang of these numbers that matter.

Most Important Questions on SSC Progressions and Series. Learn to understand the pattern of AP, GP and HP series with these practice problems

Most of the questions from ratio and proportion that appear in the exam are easy to solve. Practise our ratio and proportion questions for SSC exams to nail such questions.

Time, speed, and distance and time and work are arguably the most important topics under unitary methods. Solve our collection of SSC level questions to improve your speed of solving such questions.

Pure trigonometry questions find themselves a place among SSC's favourites. Go through our excellent collection of SSC trigonometry questions to master this topic.

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SSC English

Active to passive voice is one of the major topics in the verbal section. Learn how to convert a sentence from active to passive voice and the vice versa by going through our collection of questions.

Cloze test is one of the simplest topics in the verbal section and checks the reader's ability to understand the context. Practise our SSC cloze test questions to improve your ability to pick the right words.

Direct to indirect speech questions can be easily solved by following a few simple rules. Improve your grasp on the rules by going through our excellent collection on direct to indirect speech questions for SSC.

Fill in the blanks is one of the least time-consuming topics in the entire paper. Practising the SSC fill in the blanks questions given below can be of great help in doing well in this topic.

Spotting errrors and improving the highlighted part of the sentences are some easy scorers in the SSC paper. Solve our collection on grammar and sentence correction questions to master the rules of grammar.

SSC has a penchant for idioms and phrases and knowing some commonly used idioms can improve your scores by a good margin. Go through our SSC idioms and phrases questions to know the meanings of some interesting idioms. 

Para Jumbles appear frequently and in good numbers in SSC exams. Practise our SSC para jumbles questions to know how to establish the chain of thought, use transition words, chronology, enumeration, and option elimination techniques.

Reading comprehension questions that appear in SSC are factual by nature. Practising our set of SSC RC questions can be of great help in understanding how to tackle RC questions in the exam.

Questions on finding spelling mistakes are one of the easiest to solve in the entire paper. Improve your grasp on words and their spellings by going through our excellent collection of SSC spelling mistake questions.

Synonyms and antonyms are the low hanging fruits in the paper and one cannot afford to miss out on such easy targets. Go through our collection of SSC synonyms and antonyms questions to score well in this topic.

SSC vocabulary questions reward those who have a good command on the language. Go through our collection of SSC vocabulary questions to score well in synonyms, antonyms, and one word substitution questions.

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SSC General Awareness

Questions on books and movies appear frequently in SSC GK section. Go through our comprehensive list of questions to nail this topic.

A collection of geography questions that are likely to apppear in the exam.

International current affairs and politics questions for SSC exams.

A collection SSC GK questions on who's who, peoples, their achievements, and awards.

Exceptional SSC GK questions on important events in politics and various government schemes 

An important question list on recent developments in science and technology for SSC GK section.

An excellent collection of questions on sports, sportsmen, and sporting honours for SSC exams.

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SSC Reasoning

This topic contains questions from assorted reasoning topics. Solve these questions to gain some general idea about how to approach and solve SSC reasoning questions.

Understanding the relation that connects the words is the key to cracking SSC analogy questions. Go through our collection of analogy questions to know about the various connecting factors that 2 terms can have,

Coded equations are often easy to solve if one manages to decode and represent the given information properly. Solve our collection of coded equations questions for SSC to learn the systematic approach to solving such questions. 

Number in the grid questions are peculiar to SSC exams and require specific practice to crack them. Our number in the grid questions will be of great help in understanding and cracking these questions. 

Venn diagram questions require the candidate to be extremely careful while interpreting the question and the data given. Practise our SSC Venn diagram questions to improve your attention to detail. 

SSC visual reasoning questions might appear tough at first glance but are easy to solve if one knows how to approach them. Going through our collection of questions will help in learning how to approach visual reasoning questions. 


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