SSC CHSL 23 March 2018 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

What does a catalyst do in a reaction?

Question 82

Atomic number of which of the following elements is greater than that of Bromine

Question 83

Commonly used abbreviation GUI in computer science stands for?

Question 84

Tamil is the official language of _________.

Question 85

A tyre tube manufacturer faces a -1.6 price elasticity of demand for its tubes. It is presently selling 24000 units/month. If it wants to increase quantity sold by 4%, it must lower its price by ________.

Question 86

Consider the market for new two-wheelers. If the price of steel increases, then the equilibrium price of new two wheelers will __________ and the equilibrium quantity will ___________.

Question 87

Which type of pathogen causes the water-borne disease Ascariasis?

Question 88

Which type of pathogen causes the water-borne disease Dysentery?

Question 89

What is the major electricity generation power source in India?

Question 90

A person, who draws or makes maps or charts, is called ________.

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