SSC CHSL 20 March 2018 Afternoon Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

$$\frac{9}{15}$$ of $$\frac{7}{3}$$ of a number is greater than $$\frac{7}{12}$$ of $$\frac{3}{5}$$ of the same number by 7. Find the number.

Question 2

The addition of a rational number and its reciprocal is $$\frac{74}{35}$$. Calculate the number.

Question 3

How many solutions does a pair of linear equations will have, if the equations are
7x+4y-16=0 and 14x+6y-32=0?

Question 4

If $$(x+1)$$ is a factor of $$x^2 -7qx+12q=0$$, then find the possible values of $$q$$.

Question 5

If the $$\angle A=\angle D$$ and $$\frac{AB}{DE}=\frac{AC}{DF}$$ then both triangles ABC and DEF is similar by which of the following criteria?

Question 6

The chord of a circle is 10 cm in length and at a distance of $$\frac{10}{\sqrt3}$$cm from the centre. Calculate the angle subtended by the chord at the centre of a circle.

Question 7

The length of a rectangular plot is increased by 60%. By how much percentage its breadth should be decreased so that total area remains same?

Question 8

The sum of two numbers is 80 and their difference is 8. What is the ratio of the two numbers?

Question 9

In what ratio must a mixture of 40% acid be mixed with that of 60% acid to get a mixture of 49% acid?

Question 10

If the average of 46, x, 30, 36, 59, 82, 68 and 94 is 56.5, then what is the value of x?

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