2017 SSC CGL 16 Aug Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

The point of intersection of all the angle bisector of a triangle is ______ of the triangle.

Question 92

ABC is an equilateral triangle and P is the orthocenter of the triangle, then what is the value (in degrees) of ∠BPC?

Question 93

In a triangle ABC, AD is angle bisector of ∠A and AB : AC = 3 : 4. If the area of triangle ABC is 350 cm2, then what is the area (in cm2: of triangle ABD?

Question 94

A boat is sailing towards a lighthouse of height 20√3 m at a certain speed. The angle of elevation of the top of the lighthouse changes from 30° to 60° in 10 seconds. What is the time taken (in seconds) by the boat to reach the lighthouse from its initial position?

Question 95

What is the value of [sec θ/(sec θ - 1)] + [sec θ/(sec θ + 1)] ?

Question 96

If $$\cosec\theta = \dfrac{1}{4x} + x$$ ,then what is the value of $$\cosec\theta + \cot\theta$$. 


The pie chart given below shows the runs scored by Pujara against team of different countries. 

Question 97

The runs scored by Pujara against South Africa is more than runs scored against Bangladesh by what percentage?

Question 98

If Pujara has scored 1875 runs in total, then what is the difference in runs scored by Pujara against South Africa and New Zealand?

Question 99

What is the sectorial angle (in degrees) made by the runs scored against Australia in the given pie chart?

Question 100

What should be the least number of runs that Pujara must have scored in total (runs can only be integers)?

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