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These question are based on the following data.Study it carefully and answer the question that follow.
In a school having 400 students boys and girls are in the ratio of 3:5 The students speak Hindi,English or both the languages 12% of the boys speak only Hindi. 22% of the girls speak only English 24% of the total students speak only Hindi and the number of boys speaking both the languages is six times the number of boys speaking only Hindi

Question 141

How many boys speak Hindi ?

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Question 142

How many girls speak only Hindi ?

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Question 143

How many students speak English ?

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Question 144

The number of girls speaking only Hindi is what percent of the total number of students speaking only Hindi ?

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Question 145

What is the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls speaking both the languages ?

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 146

The area of the circle is $$616 cm^{2}$$. What is the area of the rectangle ?(. or ‘dot’ or indicates centre of the circle.)

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Study the information given in each of these question and then answer the question

Question 147

Population in million
City Total population Male Population
A             12                6.5
B             15                7.2
C             17                9.0
D             19                9.9
E             22               10.8
What is the average female population in million ?

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Question 148

What is the per cent rise in production in 2007 from 2006 ?(round off to two digits after decimal.)

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Question 149

Out of a total 550 students how many students did not prefer Maths or Economics ?
Break-up of students having preference for each subject

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Question 150

Person salary (in rs lakh)
A 8.5
B 7.6
C 12.8
D 5.4
E 10.5
What is the difference (in rs lakh ) between the average salary and the lowest salary ?

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