NEET 2013


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 101

Ratio of longest wave lengths corresponding to Lymanand Balmerseries in hydrogen spectrum is :

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Question 102

A current loop in a magnetic field :

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Question 103

A, Band C are three points in a uniform electric field. The electric potential is :

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Question 104

A rod PQ of mass M and length L is hinged at end P. The rod is kept horizontal by a mass less string tied to point Q as shown in figure. When string is cut, the initial angular acceleration of the rod is :

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Question 105

A wire of resistance 4 2 is stretched to twice its original length. The resistance of stretched wire would be:

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Question 106

The velocity of a projectile at the intial point A is $$(2 \hat{i}+3\hat{j})$$ $$\frac{m}{s}$$.Its velocity (in $$\frac{m}{s}$$) at the point B is.

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Question 107

A body of mass m is taken from the earth surface to the height equal to twice the radius (R) of the earth .The change in potential energy of the body will be

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Question 108

A stone falls freely under gravity.It covers distances $$h_{1},h_{2},h_{3}$$ in the first five seconds ,the next five seconds and the next 5 seconds respectively .The relation between $$h_{1},h_{2}$$ and $$h_{3}$$ is:

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Question 109

A bar magnet of length ‘l’ and magnetic dipole moment ’M’ is bent in the form of an arc as shown in figure. The new magnetic dipole moment will be :

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Question 110

The internal resistance of a 2.1 V cell which gives a current of 0.2 A through a resistance of 10 Ω is:

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