MAT 2012


In each of these questions, two statements I and II are given.
These may have a cause and effect relationship or may have independent causes or be
the effects of independent causes.

Question 141

Statement I:
Not a single Indian University, including the IITs, has fared well in an all-Asian
varsity ranking for the year 2011. IIT - Bombay is the only one to figure in the
world top 200 at 187, lower than the previous year's rank of 163.
Statement II:A university founded merely two decades ago- the Hong Kong University of
Science and Technology- has topped the charts. The university of Cambridge got
a perfect 100. All the seven old IITs have made it to the Asian University
ranking, but their ranks have slid.

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Each of these question consists of a pair of words bearing
a certain relationship. From amongst the given alternatives, pick up the pair that best
illustrates a similar relationship.

Question 142

Presumption: Certainty

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Question 143

Coal : Thermal

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Question 144

Court : Justice

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Question 145

Relaxation : Work

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Complete the series by replacing the '?'

Question 146

B0R, E3U, G9Y, J18D, ?

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Question 147

A729, G343, ?, S9, Y1

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Question 148

Q331T, U442X, Y553A, ?

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Question 149

RL12, TQ20, WU32, AX48, ?

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Question 150

V2R, Y8T, B15V, E76X, ?

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