MAT 2007 Question Paper


Each of these questions has an underlined part. Choose the option that best replaces the underlined part. Answer option (2)  repeats the original.

Question 1

The political masters of the health care system have not listened to professional health planners because it has not been profitable for them to do that thing.

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Question 2

Most bacterial population grown in controlled conditions will quickly expand to limit the food supply, produce toxic waste products that inhibit further growth, and reached the equilibrium state within a relatively short time.

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Question 3

It could be argued that the most significant virtue of a popular democracy is not the right to participate in the selection of leaders, but rather that it affirms our importance in the scheme of things.

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Question 4

Long popular among the connoisseurs of Indian music, Ravi Shankar first impressed western listeners with his phenomenal technical virtuosity, but they soon came to appreciate his music as an artful expression of an older culture’s musical insight.

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Fill in the blanks.

Question 5

Professionals focus their ........ on fulfilling their responsibilities and achieving results, not on ......... a particular image.

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Question 6

When you are living with your ........ values and principles, you can be straightforward, honest and ........

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Question 7

In the role of a counsellor, you are an authority figure whose objective is to ....... attentively and sensitively to employees who .......... you with their feelings.

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Question 8

If a junior executive neglects his professional development and ............ education, he can easily and quickly become obsolete in a world changing at ............ rates.

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Each question has a group of sentences marked A, B, C, and D. Arrange these to form a logical sequence.

Question 9

A. We tend to see the similarity within a category as being more important, and the similarity between different categories as being less important, that either actually is.
B. Given a small amount of information about a person, we are ready to classify them as a member of a particular group, and then to infer all kinds of additional facts about them, as if all members of the group were the same in most respects.
C. Our tendency to classify and label everything can lead us into the error of seeing the world as made up of only those categories for which we have names.
D. Expecting too much of the descriptive power of languages is itself a serious cause of distorted thinking.

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Question 10

A. Some of us, as a result, gain an overall impression of people as either all good or all bad, making further assumptions on this basis.
B. An example of the assumption some patients make that doctors with a good “bedside manner” are also more technically competent as others who do not relate as well to their patients.
C. This is what the psychologists refer to as halo effect.
D. We have a strong tendency of associate positive attributes with other positive attributes and negative ones with each other.

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