MAT 2006


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

An aeroplane flying at a height of 300 metres above the ground passes vertically above another plane at an instant when the angles of elevation of the two planes from the same point on the ground are 60° and 45°, respectively. Then the height of the lower plane from the ground, in metres, is

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Question 52

A person standing on the bank of a river observes that the angle of elevation of the top of a tree on the opposite bank of the river is 60° and when he retires 40 metres away from the tree, the angle of elevation becomes 30°. The breadth of the river is

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Question 53

A room has 3 lamps. From a collection of 10 light bulbs of which 6 are not good, a person selects 3 at random and puts them in a socket. The probability that he will have light is

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Question 54

Out of 13 applicants for a job, there are 5 women and 8 men. It is desired to select 2 persons for the job. The probability that atleast one of the selected persons will be a woman is

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Question 55

The probability that a certain electronic component fails when first used is 0.10. If it does not fail immediately, then the probability that it lasts for one year is 0.99. The probability that a new component will last for one year is

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Question 56

A circular grassy plot of land, 42 m in diameter, has a path 3.5 m wide running around it outside. The cost of gravelling the path at Rs 4 per square metre is

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Question 57

A plot of land in the form of a rectangle has a dimension 240 m × 180 m. A drainlet 10m wide is dug all around it (outside) and the earth dug out is evenly spread over the plot, increasing its surface level by 25 cm. The depth of the drainlet is

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Question 58

A rectangular tank is 225 m by 162 m at the base. With what speed must water flow into it through an aperture 60 cm by 45 cm that the level may be raised 20 cm in 5 hours?

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Question 59

An iron pipe 20 cm long has exterior diameter equal to 25 cm. If the thickness of the pipe is 1 cm, then the whole surface of the pipe is

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Question 60

At a point on level ground, the angle of elevation of a vertical tower is found to be such that its tangent is 5/12. On walking 192 metres towards the tower, the tangent of the angle of elevation is 3/4. The height of the tower is

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