ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

A small percentage of Boron is added to steel in order to

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Question 62

A material that exhibits the same elastic properties in all directions at a point is called

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Question 63

No of atoms per unit cell of a face centered cubic (FCC) lattice is

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Question 64

In asheet metal of 3 mm thickness of a hole of 7 mm diameter needs to be punched. The yield strength in tension of the sheet material is 120 MPa and its ultimate shear strength is 100 MPa. The force required to punch the hole is

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Question 65

Profile of a gear tooth can be checked by

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Question 66

The reflector combined with auto collimator can be used for checking

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Question 67

PERT has following time estimate

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Question 68

Which of the following is an amorphous material?

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Question 69

In a party, each person shook hands with every other person present. The total number of hand shakes was 45. The number of people in the part are

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Question 70

Which of the following method is said to be a direct method in numerical methods?

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