ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical 2011


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

A fluid jet is discharging from a 100 mm nozzle and the vena contracta formed has a diameter of 90 mm. If the coefficient of velocity is 0.95, then the coefficient of discharge for the nozzle is

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Question 12

A fully developed laminar viscous flow through a circular tube has the ratio of maximum velocity to average velocityas

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Question 13

If the surface tension of water-air interface is 6.073 N/m, the gauge pressure inside a rain drop of 1 mm diameter will be

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Question 14

A stream function is given by $$(x^2 - y^2)$$. The potential function of the flow will be

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Question 15

The temperature profile between two metal walls joined together is shown in Fig.From the figure it can be concluded that

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Question 16

According to Fourier’s law, amount of heat flow (Q) through the body in unit time is equal to

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Question 17

Pitch diameter is equal to the product of

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Question 18

The tension in the cable supporting a lift moving upwardsis twice the tension when the lift moves downwards. Whatis the acceleration of the lift? |

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Question 19

Whirling speed of a shaft coincides with the natural frequency of its

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Question 20

Oscillation of a particle is prescribed by the equation $$ x = 3 \cos(0.25 \pi t),$$ where t is the time in seconds. The time taken by the particle to move from position of equilibrium to maximum displacement is

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