ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical 2009


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

The transition Reynolds number for flow over a flat plate is $$ 5 * 10^5.$$ What is the distance from the leading edge at which transition will occur for flow of water with a uniform velocity of 1m/s? (For water, the kinematic viscosity, $$v = 0.86 * 10^{-6} m^2/s)$$

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Question 12

For a reciprocating water pump having cylinder dia d and crank radius r, if W is the weight of water lifted, the coefficient of discharge is

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Question 13

Both free vortex and forced vortex can be expressed mathematically in terms of tangential velocity V at the corresponding radius r. Choose the correct combination

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Question 14

A bucket of water is hanging from a spring balance. An iron piece is suspended into water without touching sides of bucket from another support. The spring balance reading will

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Question 15

A single-stage impulse turbine with a diameter of 120 cm runs at 3000 rpm. If the blade speed ratio is 0.42, then, the inlet velocity of steam will be

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Question 16

The critical point and triple point data for water are, $$T_c = 374^\circ C, P_c = 22.1 Mpa, T_T = 0.01^\circ C, P_T = 0.6 kPa$$ Indicate the phase change that will occur in following cases,
(i)Ice at 0.5 kPa is heated isobarically
(ii) Water vapour at $$400^\circ C$$ is compressed isothermally

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Question 17

The ratio of specific heats of a gas is 1.4 and the value of specific heat at constant pressure is $$7.0 cal/mole^\circ C$$. The difference between specific heat at constant pressure and specific heat at constant volume will be $$(in cal /mole^\circ C)$$

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Question 18

The coefficient of linear expansion of a solid is L. The volume V of a cube of this solid on being heated by $$1^\circ C$$ will change by

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Question 19

Two springs of equal length but having stiffness of 10 N/mm and 15 N/mm support a mass of 2 tonnes in series. Find the frequency of vibration

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Question 20

Ratio of pitch circle diameter in millimeters to the number of teeth, is known as

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