ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical 2007


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 41

Materials exhibiting time bound behavior are known as

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Question 42

Shrinkage allowance is made by

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Question 43

Machinablity depends on

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Question 44

Spinning operation is carried out on

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Question 45

Acceptance sampling is widely used in

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Question 46

Gratings are used in connection with

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Question 47

Which of the following errors are inevitable in the measuring system and it would be vainflul exercise to avoid them

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Question 48

A block whose massis 650 gm is fastened to a spring of spring constant K equals 65 N/m whose other end is fixed. The block is pulled a distance x = 11 cm from its equilibrium position at x = 0 on a smooth surface, and released from rest at t= 0. The maximum speed‘S’ of the oscillating block is

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Question 49

A block of mass‘m’is connected to two springs of stiffness $$K_1$$ and $$K_2$$ as shown in the figure $$f_1$$ and $$f_2$$ are the frequencies of the block when connected to $$K_1$$ and $$K_2$$ independently. Then the frequency of ‘m’ when connected to $$K_1$$ and $$K_2$$ as in the figure is

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Question 50

The block has a kinetic energy of 3J and the spring connecting the block has an elastic energy of 2J (shown in figure). When the block is at x = +2.0 cm. What is the kinetic energy when the block is at x = 0.

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