ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electrical 2013


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The energy stored in the magnetic field in a solenoid of length 30cm and diameter 3 cm wound with 1000 turns of wire & carrying a current of 10A is

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Question 2

A network is said to be linear, if and only if

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Question 3

Kirchoff's law fails in the case of

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Question 4

In a four branch parallel circuit, 50mA current flows in each branch. If one of the branches opens, the current in other branches

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Question 5

The wave length of a wave in a waveguide is

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Question 6

Characteristic impedance of a quarter wave transformer connected in between a load of 100 ohm and a transmission line of characteristic impedance 225 ohms is

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Question 7

A transverse electromagnetic wave with circular polarization is received by a dipole antenna due to polarization mismatch. The power transfer efficiency from the waveto the antenna is reduced to about

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Question 8

The unit of displacement density of a magnetic circuit is

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Question 9

The derivative of an ideal step function is

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Question 10

An impulse function consists of

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