ISRO Scientist or Engineer Computer Science 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

The number of edges in a regular graph of degree d and n vertices is

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Question 72

Perform window to viewport transformation for the point (20, 15). Assume that $$(X_{wmin}, Y_{wmin})$$ is (0, 0) ; $$(X_{wmax}, Y_{wmax})$$ is (100, 100); $$(X_{vmin}, Y_{vmin})$$ is (5, 5) ; $$(X_{vmax}, Y_{vmax})$$ is (20, 20). The value of x and y in the viewport is

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Question 73

Given relations R(w,x) and S(y,z), the result of
Is guaranteed to be same as R, if

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Question 74

Immunity of the external schemas (or application programs) to changes im the conceptual schema is referred to as:

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Question 75

The set of attributes X will be fully functionally dependent on the set of attributes Y if the following conditions are satisfied.

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Question 76

Let us assume that transaction T1 has arrived before transaction T2. Consider schedule ?
S=r1(A); r2(B) ; w2(A) ; w1(B)
Which of the following is true?

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Question 77

The time complexity of computingthe transitive closure of binary relation on 2 Set Of m elements S known to be

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Question 78

in multi-programmed systems, it is advantageous if some programs such as editors and compilers can be shared by several users.
Which of the following must be true of multi-programmed systems in order that a single copy of a program can be shared by several users?
I. The program is a macro
II. The program is recursive
III. The program is reentrant

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Question 79

Let P be a procedure that for some inputs calls itself ( i.e. is recursive ). If P is guaranteed to terminate, which of the following statement(s) must br true?
I. Phas local variable
II. Phas an execution path whereit does notcall itself
III. P either refers to a global variable or has at least one parameter

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Question 80

Consider the following C program
#include <stdio.h>
float sum = 0.0, j = 1.0, i = 2.0;
while ( i/j > 0.001 ){
sum = sum + i/j;
printf ( ā€œ%f\nā€, sum);
How many lines of output does this program produce?

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