ISRO Scientist or Engineer Computer Science 2013


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Let A(1:8, -5:5, -10:5) be a three dimensional array. How many elements are there in the array A? elements are there in the array A?

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Question 2

The number of rotations required to insert a sequence of elements 9,6,5,8,7,10 into an empty AVL tree is?

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Question 3

Opportunistic reasoning is addressed by which ofthe following knowledge representation.

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Question 4

The following stepsin a linkedlist
p = getnode()
info (p) = 10
next (p) = list
list = p
result in which type of operation?

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Question 5

Shift reduce parsing belongs to a class of

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Question 6

Which of the following productions eliminate left recursion in the productions given below
$$S\rightarrow Aa\mid b$$
$$A\rightarrow Ac\mid Sd\mid ε$$

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Question 7

Considerthe following psuedocode:
$$X: integer := 1$$
$$y: integer := 2$$

procedure add

procedure second (P: procedure)
$$x : integer := 2$$
$$y : integer := 3$$
Whatdoesit print if the language uses dynamic scoping with deep binding?

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Question 8

Whichlogic gate is used to detect overflow in 2's complement arithmetic?

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Question 9

In an array of 2N elements that is both 2-ordered and 3-ordered, what is the maximum numberofpositions that an element can be from its position if the array were 1-ordered?

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Question 10

lf the frame buffer has 8 bits per pixel and 8 bits are allocated for each of the R, G, B components, what would be the size of the lookup table?

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