ISRO Scientist or Engineer Computer Science 2011


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

One SAN switch has 24 ports. All 24 port supports 8 Gbps Fiber Channel technology. What is the aggregate bandwidth of that SAN switch ?

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Question 72

Find theoutput of the following Java code line System.out.printin(math.floor(-7.4))

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Question 73

Belady’s anomaly means

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Question 74

In an RSflip-flop, if the S line (Set line) is set high (1) and the R line (Resetline) is set low (0), then the state of the flip flop is

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Question 75

in HTML, whichof the following can be considered a container?

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Question 76

Whatis the matrix that represents rotation of an object by $$\theta^\circ$$ about the origin in 2D?

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Question 77

In a system having a single processor, a new processarrivesat the rate of six processes per minute and each such process requires seven secondsof service time. What is the CPUutilization?

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Question 78

A symboltable of length 152 is possessing 25 entries at any instant. What is occupation density?

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Question 79

A probiem whose language is recursion is called ?

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Question 80

Logic family popular for low powerdissipation

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