ISRO Scientist or Engineer Computer Science 2008


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

The Boolean theorem $$AB + \overline{A} C + BC = AB + \overline{A} C$$ crresponds to

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Question 22

In the given network of AND and OR gates f can be written as

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Question 23

If $$N^{2}= (7601)_{g}$$ , where N is a positive integer, then the value of N

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Question 24

Assumethat each character code consists of 8 bits. The number of characters that can be transmitted per second through an synchronousserialline at 2400 baudrate, and
with two stop bits is

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Question 25

Four jobs to be executed on a single processor system arrive at time O in the order A, B, C, D. There burst CPU time requirements are 4,1, 8, 1, time units respectively. The
completion time of A under robin round scheduling with time slice of one time unit is

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Question 26

Which one of the following algorithm design techniques is used in finding all pairs of shortest distances in a graph?

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Question 27

The address space of 8086 CPU is

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Question 28

More than one wordare put in one cache block to

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Question 29

The performanceofa pipelined processorsuffers if

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Question 30

If $$(12 x)_{3} = (123)_{x}$$, then the value of x is

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