ISRO Scientist or Engineer Architecture 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

How many times are the hands of a clock is at right angle in a day?

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Question 62

In how many different ways can the letters of the word OPTICAL be arranged, so that the vowels always come together?

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Question 63

A can contains a mixture of two liquids A&B in the ratio 7:5. When 9 litres of the mixture are drawn off and the can is filled with B, the ratio of A&B becomes 7:9. How many litres of liquid A was contained by the can Initially?

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Question 64

When the art work is experienced through reflected light, we are looking at

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Question 65

The colour wheel, conceived by bending the colours of the spectrum and adding purple, was first conceived by

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Question 66

The illumination level in houses is in the range of

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Question 67

Which of the following lamp gives nearly monochromatic light?

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Question 68

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a musical sound?

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Question 69

A human body feels comfortable when the heat produced by the metabolism of human body is equal to the

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Question 70

The difference of temperature between the outside air and inside air tends to the deposition of moisture in the room surfaces known as

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