IIFT 2012 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 101

Which country has won the Gold Medal for Men’s Football in 2012 Olympic Games?

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Question 102

What is the name given to the civil reformist movement for eradication of ragging in India?

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Question 103

Which of the following teams have been in at least one of the ten final matches of ICC Cricket World Cup played from 1975 through 2011, but have never been a winner

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Question 104

In a painting what is the vanishing point?

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Question 105

Match the Leader’s name in Column 1 to the Party headed by them in Column 2:

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Question 106

According to Greek Mythology, what is the name of the beautiful youth who was loved by Echo; and in punishment for not returning her love, was made to fall in love with his image reflected in a pool; and finally unable to possess the image, is believed to have pined away and turned into a flower?

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Question 107

Of which of the following trade groupings is Myanmar a member

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Question 108

Arrange the following Indian rivers from North to South
1. Narmada
2. Kaveri
3. Jhelum
4. Godavari

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Question 109

In the word HEIRARCHICAL, If the first and second, third and fourth, fifth and sixth letters are interchanged up to the last letter, which are the two position from the left on which R would appear and on which positions would C appear twice?

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Question 110

In the following series, what numbers should replace the question marks?
-1, 0, 1, 0, 2, 4, 1, 6, 9, 2, 12, 16, ? ? ?

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