IIFT 2011 Question Paper


In the question below, there are two sentences containing underlined homonyms, which may either be mis –spelt or inappropriately used in the context of the sentence. Select the appropriate answer from the option given below:

Question 21

I. This behaviour does not compliment his position.
II. He thanked his boss for the complement.

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For each of the following sentences, choose the most appropriate “one word” for the given expressions.

Question 22

One who is unrelenting and cannot be moved by entreaties :

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Question 23

The art of cutting trees and bushes into ornamental shapes:

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Match the words in column 1 with their appropriate meaning in column 2.

Question 24

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Question 25

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Identify antonyms for the following words.

Question 26


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Question 27


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A partially completed paragraph is below, followed by fillers a,b,c. From options A, B, C and D, identify the right combination and order of fillers a,b or c that will best complete the paragraph.

Question 28

In cultivating team spirit, one should not forget the importance of discipline. _________________ It is the duty of all the numbers of the team to observe discipline in its proper perspective.
a. A proper team spirit can seldom be based on discipline.
b.It is a well known fact that team spirit and discipline can never go hand in hand
c. Discipline in its right perspective would mean sacrificing self to some extent.

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Question 29

Forests are gifts of nature __________. Yet, with the spread of civilisation, man has not only spurned the forests, but has been ruthlessly destroying them.
a. It is on historical record that the vast sahara desert of today once used to be full of thick forests.
b. A large part of humanity still lives deep inside forests, particularly in the tropical regions of the earth.
c. Human evolution itself has taken place in the forests.

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Given below are the first and last parts of a sentence, and the remaining sentence is broken into four parts p, q, r and s. From A, B, C and D, choose the arrangement of these parts that forms a complete, meaningful sentence.

Question 30

A number of measures ______________ of the Municipal Corporations.
p.The financial conditions.
q. For mobilisation of resources
r. In order to improve
s. Are being taken by the State Governments

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