History Test 3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

When was the Quit India movement launched?

Question 2

In which year did India’s constitution come into force?

Question 3

What is the name of the memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi?

Question 4

Vande Mataram was first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress in ?

Question 5

In which year was the controversial Rowlatt Act passed?

#NameOverall Score
1sachin kumar15
2Midhun Varghese15
3phaneeswar taragalla15
4sharad nagpal15
5B-series B-series15
6Lakshya Vashisht15
7Sabyasachi Roy15
8Satyaban Mahakud15
9ujjwal sarkar15
10Anand K.s15

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