Current Affairs - 6th February


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

India has recently contributed how much amount to India- UN Development Partnership fund earmarked for South-South Cooperation?

Q 2

Centre has sanctioned a new project to control pollution in which river sal at Navelim Town in Goa, what is the estimated Project Cost?

Q 3

Who is re-elected as the new President of Cyprus?

Q 4

Recently Maharashtra Government has approved sanctuary as the new Wild Life Sanctuary of the state?

Q 5

Who among the following has become the first foreign Chief to fly an Indigenously built Tejas Aircraft?

Q 6

Which Country has recently committed USD 370 Million to UN World Food Programme which is the biggest ever by any donor in WFP Partnership?

Q 7

Which country has recently launched the smallest rocket ever to carry a satellite into the orbit?

Q 8

Who won the recently concluded India Open Men’s Singles Badminton Title?

Q 9

Government has sanctioned how much amount to construct the 14.2 Km long tunnel - Zojila Pass Project in Jammu and Kashmir?

Q 10

Who has won the Yash Chopra Memorial Award 2018 instituted by MP T Subbirami Reddy in the memory of renowned Film Maker Yash Chopra?

# Name Overall Score
1 Rahul Mishra 30
2 Amlan J Baruah 30
3 cad 30
4 Ravi M 30
5 Arpit Gupta 30
6 P Hemlata 27
7 shinija mv 26
8 Satya Raghavendra 26
9 Latha B.M 26
10 pallavi 26

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