Current Affairs - 2nd February


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which of the following became the first country to provide Free Eye care to its citizens?

Q 2

What is India’s rank in Global Democracy index?

Q 3

Indian Coastguard day is observed on?

Q 4

Who among the following is conferred with France’s highest civilian award Legion D Honneur?

Q 5

Recently which of the following country has banned the Sale of Ivory recently?

Q 6

Which of the following software Giant is started manufacturing the hardware specialized for Bitcoin mining?

Q 7

Where did Narendra Modi recently launched the Khel Indi a Campaign for School games?

Q 8

Recently which of the following state government has banned the sale of Endosulfan and other 19 insecticides?

Q 9

Recently the central government has issued the sum of 3200 crores for Organic forming in which of the following state?

Q 10

Who is the current Railway minister?

# Name Overall Score
1 vel jaya 30
2 Maruti Chavan 30
3 MADHU 26
4 latha mahadev 26
6 Ajay Chauhan 26
7 Raj Veer 24
8 crack u 24
9 Venkat Cool 23
10 Satya Raghavendra 23

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