Current Affairs - 12th January


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Recently the government of India constitutes a panel to take call on national Anthem in cinema halls under chairmanship of?

Q 2

From the financial year 2018-2019 Union Ministry of Health and family is all set to provide a free treatment for which of the following decease?

Q 3

Which of the following state government is all set to digitalize all its Historical records?

Q 4

What is the estimated growth rate of India for 2018 by worldbank?

Q 5

“Jeff Bezos “ who surpass the Bill gates to become richest man in the world is the CEO of ?

Q 6

Who among the following become first Indian to win medal in skiing ?

Q 7

Recently UIDAI of India introduces the which of the following ?

Q 8

Who among the following has been appointed as the chief of the Mission for Winter Olympics 2018?

Q 9

Where is the Simlipal National Park located at?

Q 10

Who is the Present Governor of the Gujarat State?

# Name Overall Score
1 Tharun chintu 30
3 Nitin Varale 30
4 Nitin Singh 30
5 Navanthraj G 30
7 mukesh budur 30
8 Sandip 27
9 Sujith Reddy 27
10 ankit tiwari 27

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