Current Affairs - 1st February


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which of the following state has launched the mission called Mahadalit Vikas Mission?

Q 2

Which of the following state has launched the Scheme called Mukyamantri Aways Yogna Gramin?

Q 3

Which Country has topped  the Global Democracy Index list?

Q 4

India signed an agreement of $250 Million loan for rural road Projects with which of the following?

Q 5

Which of the following government is going to distribute sanitary pads packet at 5 rupees for every girl in the state?

Q 6

Which of the following bank is going to provide Credit cards for Farmers?

Q 7

Who among the following has been appointed as the DGMO of Indian Army?

Q 8

Who is present chief of Indian Navy?

Q 9

As per recently released the National Family health survey which is the richest state in India?

Q 10

Which of the following E-commerce giant has recently launched the hi-tech grocery ?

# Name Overall Score
1 Shashikant Shukla 30
2 Piyush Gupta 30
3 pallavi 30
4 Tanmay Kulshrestha 30
5 suram.ravali 27
6 varidhi joshi 27
7 crack u 27
8 Tharun chintu 26
9 Shilpa Mishra 26
10 Raj Veer 26

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