Current Affairs - 24th&25th February 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Who has been recently appointed as the new Ambassador of Bolivia?

Q 2

What is the name of the Joint military exercise between India and Seychelles which began in Seychelles recently?

Q 3

Who has recently become the first Indian to win an Individual Medal at Gymnastics World Cup?

Q 4

Which of the following Payment Bank has recently rolled out Operations in February 2018, becoming the 5th Payment Bank in the country?

Q 5

Who will be inaugurating the third partnership summit of CII -Co-federation of Indian Industry which will begin in Visakhapatnam?

Q 6

Which International Organisation has recently signed a Loan Agreement of USD 84 Million with Government of India for Improvement of Water Supply in select Districts of Bihar?

Q 7

Which Bank has been authorized to issue “Electoral Bonds”, the first sale of which will commence from March-01-2018?

Q 8

Who has recently won the Austrian Open International Challenge - Badminton?

Q 9

Which of the following cities is going to host the SAARC Business Leaders Conclave in March 2018?

Q 10

Which State Government has recently announced to observe every year September 22nd as “ Rhino Day”?

# Name Overall Score
1 Laoneya Pappy 30
2 Ravi M 30
3 pallavi jumle 27
4 Shubham Raje 26
5 Chaitanya 26
6 latha mahadev 26
7 pallavi 26
8 kanhu soren 26
9 mounika 26
10 Gothai Rajan 24

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