Current Affairs - 22th February 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Recently Union Cabinet has approved setting up of National Urban Housing Fund with an outlay of how much fund initially?

Q 2

Uttar Pradesh’s Investor summit is recently inaugurated by which of the following Ministers?

Q 3

Ministry of railways has recently announced to set up a Rail Coach Factory in which of the following places?

Q 4

University Grants Commission has recently set up a team of four members - Empowered Expert Committee headed by which of the following persons to shortlist Twenty Institutions of Eminence?

Q 5

World Forestry Day is observed by United Nations every year on which of the following days?

Q 6

Merger approval of “IDFC Bank” and “Capital first”,a debt financing company to small entrepreneurs in India has been given by which of the following Regulators recently?

Q 7

Which state government has recently signed an MoU with Amazon India for selling Khadi Products on its online platform?

Q 8

Who has been recently appointed as the new Executive Director on board of Vijaya Bank by the Government of India?

Q 9

What is the rank of India in the recent report “Akamai State of Internet Security Q4 2017” ,published by Akamai Technologies, which provides an insight on targeted countries for Web Application Attacks?

Q 10

Which State Government has recently announced compulsory vaccination of children for school admissions from the upcoming Academic Year?

# Name Overall Score
1 Alok Pradhan 30
2 pallavi 30
4 Swapnil Lende 27
5 Laoneya Pappy 26
6 Dillip kumar Palei 26
7 latha mahadev 26
8 meena 26
9 Kumar Manish 26
10 Satya Raghavendra 24

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