Current Affairs - 21st February 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi has flagged off Palace Queen Hamsafar Express, it will travel between which of the following Railway Stations?

Q 2

Recently a two day conference - “International R and D Conclave” organized by Central Electricity Authority is inaugurated by which of the following Ministers?

Q 3

Defence Exercise “Garuda Shakthi” which has recently started is a Joint Military exercise between India and which of the following countries?

Q 4

Which of the following countries has successfully test fired “Arrow-3” an advanced defence Missile recently?

Q 5

Which Government has recently announced implementation of “Mission Buniyaad” to impart learning skills of students in Government and Municipal Schools?

Q 6

Which of the following companies has become the first ever Foreign e-commerce firm to enter food retail venture in India?

Q 7

Reserve Bank of India has recently constituted a panel under which of the following diplomats to review the factors leading to increasing Incidents of Frauds in Banks?

Q 8

India has recently launched a Joint research Project with which of the following countries on Clean Water and Energy?

Q 9

Who has recently won the CCI All India Open Snooker Championship Title?

Q 10

Which State Government has recently decided to launch “Asmita Yojana” - to distribute cheap sanitary pads to the Rural Women in the state?

# Name Overall Score
1 pallavi 30
2 narasimhaa jai jai 30
3 Ravi M 30
4 Abhi 30
5 Ejaz Mohammad 27
6 Varsha paliwal 27
7 rashmi agarwal 26
8 Ajay Singh 26
9 Dharm Raj Jakhar 26
10 latha mahadev 26

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