Current Affairs - 17th&18th February 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

The World Sustainable Development summit has been recently inaugurated (February 2018) in Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi by which of the following persons?

Q 2

India’s first Institute for Artificial Intelligence is coming up in which of the following cities?

Q 3

Which of the following company has been recently adjudged the Startup of the Year 2017?

Q 4

Which of the following Tennis Player has recently become the ATP World’s Oldest Number- 01 Player?

Q 5

Who has been recently appointed as the new Prime Minister of Nepal?

Q 6

Government of India has recently signed a USD 100 Million Loan Agreement with which of the following International Organisation for Rajasthan Water Project?

Q 7

Global conference on Pharma Industry and Medical Devices has started recently in which of the following Cities?

Q 8

Department of Science and Technology has decided to honor which of the following persons with a national Award for their contribution in making the Science City in Kapurtala, Punjab into an International Level Facility?

Q 9

Which of the following Indian Banks has opened a Global Customer Service Centre for NRIs in Kochi?

Q 10

Who is the current Prime Minister of Canada who arrived to India on a 7 Day Visit for strengthening Bilateral Relations between the two countries in Important fields like Trade, Science and Technology?

# Name Overall Score
1 Akhil Raj 30
2 pallavi 30
3 apurv jain 30
4 Vivek Rawat 27
5 Mohit Joshi 27
6 Balram Dewangan 27
7 Satya Raghavendra 27
9 arun 27
10 Rouhin Sinha 26

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