Current Affairs - 15th February 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which of the following countries is set to host 8th Edition of the “Theatre Olympics” for the first time?

Q 2

Who has been recently appointed as the new Ambassador of India to Brazil?

Q 3

Which country has recently launched an unmanned Cargo ship on board of SOYUZ-2.1a Rocket from the Baikonur launch Facility in Kazakhstan?

Q 4

Which Indian Electricity Producer has recently won the tender to supply 300 MW of Electricity to Bangladesh for 15 Years?

Q 5

Which of the following maritime exercise has recently started along the Western Coast of India?

Q 6

World Day of Social Justice is celebrated by United Nations every year on which of the following dates?

Q 7

World Congress on Information Technology summit is going to be held in which of the following Cities?

Q 8

What is the position of India in terms of Defence Spending by a recent report released by International Institute for Strategic Studies,London. Indian Budget on Defence in 2017 is USD 52.5 Billion?

Q 9

India has got access to which of the following strategic Ports recently for Military use and Logistic Support?

Q 10

Who has been recently appointed as the Director of Prime Minister’s Flagship Healthcare Programme announced recently?

# Name Overall Score
1 Aayush Sanghvi 30
2 Manohar k 30
3 Arpit Gupta 30
4 Suraj Singh 27
5 Nithyarajasekar 26
6 Swetha 26
7 latha mahadev 26
8 vaibhav 26
9 Karthi Keyan 24
10 pallavi 23

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