Current Affairs - 12th February 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Who has recently inaugurated the International Conference on Unani Medicine?

Q 2

India Post Payments Bank has recently announced that it is going to enable digital Payments by which Month in 2018, IPPB post implementation will become India’s Largest Financial Inclusion Network?

Q 3 is collaborating with IT Tech Giant to build “Industry First” Technologies?

Q 4

Reserve Bank of India has recently announced to setup Ombudsman Scheme for which of the following Financial Institution?

Q 5

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be laying the foundation for the first Hindu Temple coming up in which of the following cities?

Q 6

Who has recently inaugurated the 24th All India Forensic Science Conference in Ahmedabad?

Q 7

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently become the first Prime Minister of India to visit Palestine and India has signed six MoU worth USD 40 Million in various sectors. Who is the president of Palestine?

Q 8

Who has been appointed as the Special Public Prosecutor for cases related to 2G Scam by the Government?

Q 9

World Government Summit is being held in which of the following cities from February 11th - 13th?

Q 10

Who has been recently appointed as the HDFC’s Private Banking Head?

# Name Overall Score
1 Aishwarya Khandelwal 30
2 Vigneshwaran 30
3 Shubham Raje 30
4 Piyush Gupta 30
5 tejashwini 30
6 khushbu pathak 30
7 rashmi agarwal 26
8 Aradhana Singh 26
9 Dinesh 26
10 Ayyub Syed 26

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