Current Affairs - 09th March 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which Indian Architect has recently won the Pritzker Prize instituted by Hyatt Foundation based in Chicago, USA?

Q 2

India has recently MoU with which country for cooperation in the field of Renewable Energy?

Q 3

Which Indian Tech giant has been named as the fastest growing IT services brand in 2018?

Q 4

Which of the following leaders is visiting India on a 4-day visit, Landmark MoUs between the two countries is expected during the visit?

Q 5

Who among the following has launched a new Venture Fund 10100, primarily aimed at investments in real estate, e-commerce and emerging innovations in India and China?

Q 6

What is the Rank of India in the recently released report of Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs published by MasterCard based in USA?

Q 7

Which of the following is the only Indian City which appeared in the Top 50 (47th Position) of the 314 global cities listed in the Global City Wealth Index 2018 published by Knight Frank property consultancy?

Q 8

RBI has recently imposed fine on Rs 10Lakhs on which of the following Small Finance Banks for selling products without approval?

Q 9

Ministry of MSME has launched which of the following Portals for Women Entrepreneurs in India on the Occasion of International Women’s Day on March-08-2018?

Q 10

RBI has imposed fine of Rs 40 Lacs on which of the following Banks for breaching of norms on Counterfeit notes?

# Name Overall Score
1 pallavi 30
2 Ravi M 30
5 latha mahadev 26
6 harihara sudhan 26
7 Priya Bora 26
8 raghuram nallamilli 22
9 Abhishek D 22
10 Kamal Pandey 22

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