Current Affairs - 02nd March 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which of the following e-commerce giant has recently launched music streaming service?

Q 2

Pakistan has been recently added on which of the following lists of Financial Action Task Force,an initiative of the G7 countries to combat money laundering?

Q 3

Which of the following Anti-Tank Guided Missile has been successfully test fired by DRDO recently?

Q 4

Which state government has recently announced that it will be setting up India’s first Centre of Excellence for Defence?

Q 5

World’s Largest Solar Power Park - “Shakti Sthala” has been recently inaugurated in which of the States?

Q 6

Which of the following countries has topped the list of “Hurun’s Global Rich List 2018” with 819 Billionaires in the country?

Q 7

Who has been recently appointed as the new Ambassador to Afghanistan from India?

Q 8

Who has been recently appointed as the new Managing Director of HCL Infosystems?

Q 9

Zero Discrimination Day is observed every year by United Nations on which of the following Days?

Q 10

Who has been recently appointed as the new Executive Director of Punjab National Bank?

Q 11

Who is the President of Financial Action Task Force Headquartered at Paris, France which is recently in news for placing Pakistan under the terror financing Watchlist?

Q 12

India has recently appointed a new ambassador to Afghanistan, which of the following is the Capital of Afghanistan?

Q 13

Which of the following Telecom Companies is going to set up the first 4G Network on Moon by 2019?

Q 14

Which of the following is the biggest National Park in India?

Q 15

Government of India has inked USD 250 Million Loan Agreement with Asian Development Bank to improve Rural Connectivity in Five States, Who is the current President of Asian Development Bank?

# Name Overall Score
1 Chinmayee Mishra 45
2 pallavi 45
3 Ravi M 45
4 Latha B.M 41
5 Krishna Gandla 38
8 Uttara Deb 37
10 pankaj 37

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