FCI Assistant Grade III 2015 - Paper 1 - South Zone


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

This is a ground penetrating radar and will provide centimeter scale resolution of the geologic structure of the subsurface. This is among the seven selected payloads that will be sent to Mars 2020 rover mission:

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Question 92

To mark 800th anniversary of Magna Carta (1215), four surviving copies of the world most important documents of parliamentary democracy were recently brought together as a part of celebrations in:

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Question 93

The fourteenth Finance Commission recommended ........... of the net proceeds of the union tax revenues to be transferred to the states:

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Question 94

Who won Hockey India League-3 ?

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Question 95

For 1 MB memory the number of address lines required:

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Read the following passage. The questions following it are based on its content. Select the best answer to each question, based on the content of the passage.

What is it that people today fail to understand about what is happening to them? What is happening is that they are using up their planet at a fearsome rate and may soon pass the point where their total habitat can sustain human life. Man’s world is slipping away from him. His habits, his thoughts, his actions run counter to the essentials of his existence. He has created national governments for the purpose of giving him maximum protection, but he has no way of protecting himself against the governments. In the act of contending with one another, the governments have become instruments of race suicide and world holocaust. 

Most of what man does is irrelevant to his main problems; his ingenuity has been applied to everything except the need to  make his planet safe for human habitation. He has cut into his natural environment with large slashes. His sources of food are being sealed over by the tar and cement of his cities and highways. Next to destructive force, he produces nothing in greater volume than his garbage. He has made his sky an open sewer and his rivers and lakes a poisonous brew. He has pumped his foul wastes into the seas and has stared balefully at billions of floating dead fish. 

Instead of fortifying his plants against insects with rich loam and compost, he has attacked them indiscriminately with chemicals, violating the chain of life and killing off the birds that are far more essential to his own spirit than many of his commodities. By going against nature, he has warred against beauty of line, movement, and sound. He has been mucking up his own planet, but has the arrogance to go searching for life elsewhere in the universe.

What has been happening to people that they don’t understand is that they have made a geographical entity out of their world without a philosophy for ennobling it, a plan for conserving it, or an organization for sustaining it. Men crave to do good, to act  reasonably and think decently. But goodness and decency and wisdom must have a world purpose in our time if life and thought are to have any meaning at all.

Question 96

The author would strongly oppose:

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Question 97

The passage condemns man for:

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Question 98

The tone of the passage can best be said to be:

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Question 99

The author’s view on man’s thoughts, habits and actions are that:

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Question 100

The passage brings out that man’s craving for doing good, acting reasonably and thinking decently is not enough unless these qualities:

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