FCI Assistant Grade III 2015 - Paper 1 - North Zone


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

The following are the statistics of some matches of a cricket team bowlers and the wickets taken.

If the number of wickets taken by fast bowlers is 24, the ratio between wickets taken by fast bowlers to other bowlers is:

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Question 52

From the following diagram find out correct answer for the given question

Indians who are actors but not singers:

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Question 53

Which country launched the world’s first electric passenger aircraft named BXIE recently?

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Question 54

Count the number of rectangles in the following figure:

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Question 55

All of the other hardware in a computer system connect to_____:

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Question 56

Which two Indian sites were granted World Heritage sites in the year 2014?

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Question 57

In a college, fifteen students of a class are the members of JKG Tennis Academy and twelve students are members of St. Teresa Tennis Academy. If out of these students a total of 13 belong to only one of the two academy then how many students belong to both the academy:

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Question 58

Which one of the following minerals is contained in the Monazite sand of Kerala?

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Question 59

What causes beri beri?

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Question 60

Name the committee on restructuring of FCI:

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