FCI Assistant Grade III 2013 Evening Shift


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 121

A sphere is formed by melting three spheres of radii of the 1 cm, 6 cm and 8 cm. The radius of the new sphere will be

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Question 122

The radius of the base of a conical vessel is 10 cm and its height is 48 cm. The vessel is full of water. This water is poured into a cylindrical vessel having base radius 20 cm. The depth of water in the vessel is

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Question 123

The diagonal of a cube measures $$5 \sqrt 3 cm.$$ The surface area of the cube is $$(in cm^2)$$

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Question 124

For equal circles of radius 4 cm touch each other externally. The area of the region bounded by the four circles $$(in cm^2)$$ is

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Question 125

The radii of two solid right circular cylinders are 4 cm and 3 cm respectively and their heights are (h + 1) cm and (2h + 1) cm respectively. If the areas of the whole surface of the two cylinders are equal, then the ratio of their volumes is

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Question 126

If $$a^2 + a + 1 = 0,$$ then one value of $$a^3 + 1$$ is equal to

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Question 127

The distance of the point (-12,9) from the origin is

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Question 128

If m = -5, n = -3, then the value of $$m^3 - 3m^2 + 3m + 3n + 3n^2 + n^3$$ is

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Question 129

If $$x= \frac{\sqrt{3} + 1}{\sqrt{3} - 1}, xy = 1,$$ the value of $$\left(\frac{x - y}{x + y}\right)^2$$ is

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Question 130

If $$x + y - z = 8, x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = 48,$$ then the value of $$xy - yz - xz$$ is

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