FCI Assistant Grade III 2012


In following Questions, you have a passage with 10 questions following the passage. Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.

Animals do not know worry. What bird could raise a family if it worried about the problems to be overcome, the impossible numberof feeding trips in a day to keep those clamouring mouthsstilled with food ? That is not the way birds or animals respond to life. Nature says “Feed them !” and the mother bird goes ahead and does it. Between dawn and sunset a tiny wren must make hundreds of such round trips to feed her brood.

An animal doesn’t know’ what brotherhood means, but when it hears the call “Help !” it answers instinctively. If a prairie dog is shot, the others in theprairie dog village come tumbling out, not worried about gunfire and pull their wounded fellow underground. Big-game hunters have seen elephants, disregarding danger, lift a wounded elephant to his feet with their tusks and by supporting him with one memberof the herd on eachside, help him, walk to the forest depths.

Question 211

When an animal hears the call for help,

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Question 212

If a prairie dog is shot, the others

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Question 213

Elephants lift a wounded fellow elephantto his feet

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Question 214

Which of the following statement is true in the context of the passage ?

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Question 215

As used in the passage, the word ‘stilled’ means

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Question 216

The author's tone inthe passage can best be described as

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Question 217

The author is primarily concerned with

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Question 218

The expression ‘tumbling out’ in one of the sentences in the passage means

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