FCI Assistant Grade III 2012 Paper-I


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 111

If the length of the diagonal on a cube is $$8\sqrt{3}$$ cm .then its surface area is

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Question 112

The area of a circle inscribed in a square of area 2 $$m^{2}$$ is

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Question 113

If the numerical value of the perimeter of an equilateral tri-angle is $$\sqrt{3}$$ times the area ofit, then the length of each side of the triangle is

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Question 114

.An equilateral triangle is drawn on the diagonal of a square. The of the area of the triangle to that of the square is

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Question 115

For a certairi article, if discount is 25% the profit is 25%. If the discount is 10%, then the profit is

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Question 116

The price that Akbar should mark on a pair ofshoes which costs him % 1 :200to Kain 12% after allowing a discount of 16% {in rupees) is

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Question 117

If $$y : x = 4 :15$$, then the value of $$\left(\frac{x - y}{x + y}\right)$$ is

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Question 118

Some carpenters promised to doajob in9 days but 5 of them were absent and remaining men did thejob in 12 days. The original number of carpenters was

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Question 119

Onethirdof a certain journey is covered at the rate of25 $$\frac{km}{hour}$$, one-fourth at the rate of ‘30 $$\frac{km}{hour}$$ and the rest at 50 $$\frac{km}{hour}$$. The averagé speed the whole journey is

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Question 120

The average of two numbers is 62. If 2 is added to the smallest number, the ratio between the numbers becomes 1 : 2. The difference of the numbers is

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