DMRC Civil Engineering Paper-1 2016


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below.

A group of seven friends Anil, Vinod, Sumit, Dilip, Indra, Firoz and Gaurav work as Engineer, Accountant, IT Officer, Technician, Clerk, Physiotherapist and Research Analyst for companies L, M, N, P, Q, R and S but not necessarily in the same order. Sumit works for company ‘N’ and is neither a Research Analyst nor a clerk. Indra is an IT officer and works for company ‘R’ Anil work as Physiotherapist and does not work for company L or Q. The one who is an Accountant works for company M. The one who works for company L works as a technician. Firoz works for company Q. Gaurav works for company P as Research Analyst. Dilip is not an Accountant.

Question 1

Who amongst the following works as accountant ?

Question 2

What is the profession of Sumit ?

Question 3

Which of the following combinations of person, profession and company is correct ?


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 4

In a group of 36 persons, a total of 16 take cold drink while 9 take cold drink but not ice-cream. How many persons in this group take ice-cream but not cold-drink ?

Question 5

Match the pair correctly.

Question 6

Article 243 B(1) of the constitution provides for constitution of Panchayat in every state. The level of Panchayats referred under this is:

Question 7

Jaggery is the main source of:

Question 8

The black hole theory was discovered by:


The Venn diagram given below shows the estimated readership of 3 daily newspapers (H.T, TOI & Statesman) in Delhi. The total readership and advertising cost for each of these papers is as below:

The total population of the city is approximately 14 million. The common readership (in lakhs) indicated in the Venn diagram

Question 9

The number of people (in lakhs) who read at least one newspaper is:


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 10

In a high flying aeroplane, the ink of the fountain pen leaks out because:

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