Sports Current Affairs 2018 - Set-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Who among the following sportspersons has won the 2018 Tennis Australian Open?

Q 2

Which of the following teams has won the 2018 Ranji Trophy - Cricket?

Q 3

Who among the following golf players has won the Maybank Championship held in Malaysia in March 2018?

Q 4

Which of the following countries has won the inaugural snooker team world cup 2018?

Q 5

Who among the following women sportsperson has won the 2018 Tennis Miami Open title?

Q 6

India’s first National Sports University is coming up in which of the following cities, government of India has recently approved it?

Q 7

Who among the following racing drivers has won the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

Q 8

The first edition of the blind football tournament organized by Indian Blind Football Federation is conducted in which of the following cities?

Q 9

Who among the following tennis players has broken the record of most consecutive sets won by a player on the same surface by winning 50th straight match recently?

Q 10

Who among the following women tennis players has retained as the World No 1 in the recent ATP rankings?

# Name Overall Score
1 manivannan 7
2 Santu sarkar 7
3 Binoy das 7
4 abhinav 6
5 Himanshu Chauhan 6
6 jaie 6
7 shankar singh 6
8 Manideep 6
9 Saurabh Sharma 5
10 Ragjunath 5

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