National Current Affairs Set-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

What is the name of the India’s fastest supercomputer which was unveiled in January 2018?

Q 2

Border security force has launched which of the following operations along the 200 km long international border in Jammu and Kashmir to prevent infiltration attempts by terrorists?

Q 3

Ghodazari wildlife sanctuary has been approved by which of the following state governments as the new wildlife sanctuary in the state in February 2018?

Q 4

India’s largest floating treatment wetland has been inaugurated in which of the following cities in February 2018?

Q 5

Government of India has approved how much amount under Nirbhaya Fund in march 2018 to create eight safe cities?

Q 6

Government of India has launched which of the following schemes for installing grid connected solar power plants each with a capacity of 2 MW in rural areas?

Q 7

Government of India has recently approved enhancement of Minimum Support Price for Raw Jute for 2018-19 to which of the following prices?

Q 8

Which of the following apps has been launched by government of India to bring transparency and uniformity in power purchase transaction between power generations and DISCOMS?

Q 9

What is the name of the scheme launched by ministry of human resources in may 2018 which is a comprehensive scheme subsuming existing schemes for coverage of education from pre-school to class 12?

Q 10

Who among the following chief ministers has become the India’s longest serving chief minister in May 2018?

# Name Overall Score
1 cheganti lavanya 10
2 Anu Anu 8
3 Sweta Joshi 7
4 samathkumar 7
5 pukhraj prajapat 7
7 Kaushal Singh 6
8 shankar singh 6
9 argid 6
10 vikas pakhretia 6

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