National Current Affairs


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Government of India has recently provided a financial assistance of Rs 1 billion to which of the following countries for construction of its first oil refinery?

Q 2

The first center in the world for humanitarian forensics was launched recently in which of the following cities in India?

Q 3

Which of the following countries has recently become the second in the world and first among the G7 countries to legalize recreational use of “marijuana”?

Q 4

First of its kind, “Happiness Curriculum” will be implemented in the government schools of which of the following cities as per a recent report by it state?

Q 5

Which of the following organizations has signed an MoU with the National Skill Development Corporation for training 10,000 youth in the country under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana?

Q 6

PM Narendra Modi has laid a foundation stone for patratu super thermal power station project in May 2018, the power plant is situated in which of the following states?

Q 7

Which of the following management institutions in India has launched “Bharat Inclusive Initiative” to enhance entrepreneurship along with innovation in specific areas like financial inclusion, education, health etc…?

Q 8

Government of India has recently approved setting up of a dedicated “Micro Irrigation Fund” to be administered by NABARD with an initial corpus of how much amount?

Q 9

Which of the following state governments has launched a scheme “Rythu Bandu” aimed at providing an investment support of Rs 8000 per acre per year for the farmers who own land in the state?

Q 10

Which of the following organizations has launched a “State Startup Ranking Framework - 2018” which is aimed at promoting a sense of competitiveness among the states in order to improve the rank of India in Ease of Doing Business ranking published every year by world bank?

Q 11

Government of India has recently published the first list of National Register of Citizens,1951 of which of the following states which included only 1.9 crore out of the 3.29 crore applications?

Q 12

Government of India has signed a host country agreement with which of the following international organizations in April 2018?

Q 13

Which of the following states has introduced “Mission Lakadong” aimed at increasing the production of turmeric in the state for improving the livelihood and economy of the state?

Q 14

The Assam Spring Festival was organized in which of the following national parks in April 2018?

Q 15

Which of the following cities has become the first in the country to launch EURO VI fuel in order to curb air pollution in the city?

# Name Overall Score
1 Muthu Saravanan 13
2 Manish 11
3 Ammu Appukuttan 11
4 Rajeev Jha 10
5 Siva Reddy 10
6 Shashank fuley 8
7 vikas pakhretia 8
8 Soumya 7
9 amit kaushal 7

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