Banking Current Affairs Set-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

World Bank in its recent global economic prospect report 2018 has projected Indian economy’s growth rate at what percentage for financial year 2018-19?

Q 2

Government of India has recently approved enhancement of authorized capital of NABARD from existing Rs 5000 Crore to how much amount in order to assist the bank in implementing more rural and irrigation projects in the country?

Q 3

Which of the following Indian banks has listed USD 600 million bond under its USD 1 billion Medium Term Note Programme on the global securities market of India INX?

Q 4

Reserve Bank of India has recently constituted a committee headed by who among the following persons for looking into issues relating to classification of bad loans and effectiveness of audits?

Q 5

The bank guarantee limit to National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India has been enhanced to what amount by government of India recently for obtaining loans from banks to procure pulses and oilseeds?

Q 6

Government of India has recently approved extension of credit guarantee fund scheme for education loans, up to maximum of what loan amount does the credit guarantee is provided by the scheme?

Q 7

Government of India has launched first tranche of sovereign gold bond scheme in April 2018 for 2018-19, what is the issue price of the bond per 1 gram of gold?

Q 8

Which of the following Indian banks has recently introduced an interactive humanoid robotic assistant 2.0 in one of its branches in Bengaluru in May 2018?

Q 9

Government of India has constituted a parliamentary committee headed by who among the following persons to study the performance of public sector banks and recommend ways to recover black money in the economy?

Q 10

NABARD has sanctioned a total amount of Rs 88 Lakh to which of the following states recently for installing solar street lighting system?

Q 11

Central Repository of Information on Large Credits (CRILC) is introduced by RBI in 2014-15 for collecting credit information of borrowers having an aggregate fund and non-fund limit exposure over and above of how much amount?

Q 12

Reserve Bank of India has recently revised the priority sector guidelines for housing loans, by rising the eligibility of loan amount to individuals in metropolitan areas for construction/purchase of house to how much amount from existing Rs 28 Lakhs?

Q 13

The repo rate in the recent monetary policy review conducted by RBI held in June 2018 has been increased to which of the following rates?

Q 14

The aggregate cap on FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investments limit) in the any central government security which was earlier 20%, has been revised to what percentage of the outstanding stock of that security recently?

Q 15

Which of the following countries emerged as the largest source of FDI into India in 2016-17 as per the recent report by Reserve Bank of India?

# Name Overall Score
1 Manideep 10
2 Varsha dubey 8
3 Kaushal Singh 7
4 Yashi Shukla 6
5 vijay bharat 6
6 shankar singh 6
7 Anu Nair 6
10 MANJU 5

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