Awards and Recognitions 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 1

Which of the following e-portals has been awarded the “best emerging online education portal in north India”?

Q 2

Who among the following has been awarded the ONV literary prize for his/her overall contributions to Indian literature?

Q 3

Which of the following countries won the “Best Exhibitor Award” at the ITB Berlin event held in March 2018?

Q 4

Who among the following persons is the recipient of the Nikkei Asia Prize 2018 in May 2018?

Q 5

Which of the following movies has been adjudged the best movie at the National Film Awards 2018?

Q 6

Who among the following mathematicians has won the 2018 Abel prize in March 2018?

Q 7

Who among the following scientists is the recipient of the Technology Leadership Award 2016, presented by Minister of Defence - Nirmala Sitaraman?

Q 8

Which of the following islands in India has been adjudged the first cashless island of the country in April 2018?

Q 9

Who among the following persons has been awarded the “Legend of Animation” award at the TOONZ animation masters summit 2018?

Q 10

Who among the following Bollywood actors is the recipient of the “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the political and public life awards presented by Asian Voice weekly newspaper, based in UK?

Q 11

Who among the following persons is the recipient of the UNESCO world press freedom prize?

Q 12

Who among the following actors/actresses is the recipient of the “Dadasaheb Phalke - Lifetime Achievement Award - 2018”?

Q 13

Which of the following states has won the “water digest award” for best water conservation and irrigation facility?

Q 14

Who among the following women has been awarded “Excellent Women of Excellence” award at the annual women economic forum awards 2018?

Q 15

Which of the following Indian think tanks has won the International Kochon Prize 2017 for promoting research and development in Tuberculosis treatment?

# Name Overall Score
1 Kaushal Singh 11
2 Swetha 7
4 Nikhil Dehadray 7
5 Manideep 7
6 vivek singh 7
7 Shonab Rabha 6
8 Himanshu Chauhan 6
9 keerthi 5
10 Lahari Sri 5

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