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Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong

IIM Shillong Placements: The Indian Institute of Management Shillong, often known as IIM Shillong (IIM-S), is a public, self-governing management institute situated in Shillong, Meghalaya, that was founded in 2007. The seventh IIM to be founded in the country was IIM Shillong.

Surrounded by lush greenery, the expansive new 120-acre permanent campus of IIM Shillong at Umsawli is equipped with all the amenities needed to transform it into a study haven.

IIM Shillong has one of the most beautiful campuses among all the IIMs. The only IIM that can compete with it, specifically with regards to the beauty of the campus - is IIM Kozhikode.

IIM Shillong - Courses Offered

Being a student at an IIM is an experience. You will find yourself among the brightest minds in the country.

There is a famous saying, 'Getting into an IIM is tough but getting out of one is tougher' - the life is beyond thrilling. There are sleepless nights, competitive students, extra curricular activities and a sprawling campus spreading across acres.

IIM Shillong offers various courses, a list of these have been shared below.

  • Post-Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM)
  • Post Graduate Programme for Executives – (PGPEx)
  • Post Graduate Programme for Working Executives
  • Doctoral Programme
  • Doctoral Programme (Working professionals)
  • Management development programs
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Certification Programs

IIM Shillong - Placements

IIM Shillong is one the best B-Schools in India. Highly ranked by the NIRF, ranked #26 in India in 2023, IIM Shillong boasts of its repute. It is one of the top premier institutes of the nation and so is evident from the kind of students, companies and placements it attracts.

The IIM Shillong PGP class of 2022–24 achieved an astounding maximum CTC of 71.50 LPA, with an average CTC of 26.10 LPA. The institute has had outstanding success with its final placements for the 2022–24 academic year.

Top PercentageAverage Package
Top 10% of students 43.15 LPA.
Top 20% of students 38.43 LPA
Top 50% of students 32.39 LPA.

There were a total of 87 recruiters. Out of this, 46 were new recruiters. There were a total of 87 PPO/PPI offers.

Highest CTC71.50 LPA
Median CTC25.67 LPA
Average CTC26.10 LPA

IIM Shillong Placements - Domain Based Offers and Salary

Consulting & Strategy32%
Sales & Marketing21%
IT & Analytics5%
General Management5%
Human Resources & Operations8%

Consulting & Strategy

Consulting and Strategy emerged as the top-choice domain, comprising 31.5% of all offers extended. Among the roles offered were Associate, Management Consultant, Business Consultant, and Sales Transformation Consultant

Highest CTC - 46.05 LPA

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing made up 21.2% of the overall offers received.

Highest CTC - 43 LPA


IIM Shillong has consistently been a top choice for recruiters seeking talent in the Finance sector. A notable 28.8% of participants secured offers for roles including Associate,

Credit Risk Analyst, Equity Research, and Financial Risk.

Highest CTC - 40 LPA

General Management

This year, the General Management sector witnessed heightened interest from recruiters across diverse industries such as BFSI, Consulting, IT & Analytics

Highest CTC - 30 LPA

Human Resources & Operations

Prominent Recruiters - Human Resources and Operations[/caption]

This domain comprised 8.5% of this year’s placements.

Highest CTC - 30 LPA

IT & Analytics

Among the participants, 5% secured offers for roles like Product Manager, Business Manager, Data Analytics & Reporting, and Senior Business Analyst, among others.

Highest CTC - 71.5 LPA

IIM Shillong - Batch Profile 2022-2024

There were a total of 283 students, out of the total 79% were male.

Batch Profile. IIM Shillong, 2022-2024

The work experience breakup of the batch shows a re-assuring image. The college doesn't shy away from recruiting freshers. An overwhelming majority - 37% of the students are freshers. The second highest majority - 22% of the students had the perfect work experience of 24 months.

The table below explains the breakup.

Work Experience (in Months)Percentage of students
12 Months18%
24 Months22%
36 Months12%
36+ Months11%

IIM Shillong - Summer Placements 2024

18.86% Increase in Average Stipend

Highest Stipend4,75,000
Average Stipend2,06,075
Median Stipend2,00,000
Average Stipend of the batch can be divided and is fairly close and very high. This just shows the quality of placements that IIM Shillong attracts.
Average Stipend of Top 10%3,88,143
Average Stipend of Top 20%3,57,368
Average Stipend of Top 50%2,65,770
All the figures of IIM Shillong, aren't standalone. The mean figures of Stipend, of CTC etc. are high but also, are very close to the median. All these factors show that these high figures of averages are not influenced by the highest CTC/Stipend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the stipend for IIM Shillong?

IIM Shillong is one of the premier B-Schools of the country. Because of the name of the institution as well as the quality of education, it attracts the top of the placements for the best of the talent. For the batch 2022-2024, that is, its 15th batch - The average stipend of summer placement was 2,06,075 INR.

What is the highest CTC in IIM Shillong?

For this placement season, the 15th batch on IIM Shillong - for the year 2022-2024, the placements were impeccable. The institute did much better than a vast majority of MBA colleges in the country.

The highest placement (CTC) at IIM Shillong for the year 2022-2024, was 71Lakh!

This high figure was in the IT & Analytics department.

How are placements at IIM Shillong?

The placements at IIM Shillong are impeccable. Being a Tier- B School, it attracts the best of the talent and the best of the placements. The Highest CTC was 71.50 LPA while the Median CTC was 25.67 LPA. For the 15th batch, the year ending 2022-2024, the placement statistics have been given above.

Is IIM Shillong worth joining?

IIM Shillong, for most students is a dream. It certainly is an institute worth joining! Because the college is located in a quiet area of Shillong, campus life is excellent. The food offered at the hostel is appropriate for the wide range of demographics it serves, and the hostel facilities are excellent.


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