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Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong

by Rishabh Sethi 171 May 13, 2024

IIM Shilong Cutoff's: Located in Shillong, Meghalaya, the Indian Institute of Management Shillong, or IIM-S, is a public, self-governing management institute that was established in 2007. IIM Shillong was the eighth IIM to be established in the nation. The vast new 120-acre permanent campus of IIM Shillong at Umsawli is surrounded by lush nature and has all the amenities required to turn it into a study heaven. Located in Meghalaya, the IIM Shillong campus is one of the most beautiful campuses in all of country across all disciplines.

IIM Shillong Programmes

There is a famous saying, 'Getting into an IIM is tough but getting out of one is tougher' - the life is beyond thrilling. There are sleepless nights, competitive students, extra curricular activities and a sprawling campus spreading across acres.

The sleepless nights are worth it. While you will have a blast, you will also face some challenges. The fight coupled with the adrenaline make it beyond worthwhile. What makes it even better is the money that you get. This year, the highest CTC went upwards to 70LPA!

IIM Shillong offers various courses, a list of these have been shared below.

  • Post-Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) - flagship
  • Post Graduate Programme for Executives – (PGPEx)
  • Post Graduate Programme for Working Executives
  • Doctoral Programme
  • Doctoral Programme (Working professionals)
  • Management development programs
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Certification Programs

IIM Shillong cutoffs - PGPM

IIM Shillong stands out as a premier institution for learning how to lead in the modern world because of their unique blend of innovation and dedication to ethical business practises.

IIM Shillong is renowned for its distinctive approach to business skill instruction. Their primary goal is preparing their students to be ethical leaders that prioritise sustainable business methods.

They're big on attempting new things, but they also cherish conventional knowledge. They inspire kids to think creatively and unconventionally. They gain a deeper grasp of diversity and sustainability by studying indigenous societies.

For various reasons such as these, IIM Shillong is amongst the Top B Schools in the nation. Ranked #26 by the NIRF in 2023, it was established in the year 2007 and has managed to rise up in ranks very fast. Not only this, it has managed to get high quality and high paying placements for the students. For reasons such as these, the cutoffs for IIM Shillong typically go very high.

IIM Shillong Cutoffs

Engineer + Male98.58377
Non-Engineer + Male96.58075
Engineer + Female947573
Non-Engineer + Female907270

The above mentioned cutoffs are mere representative figures. These should only be used by students for guidance. As shown in the table, there aren't any additions for work experience and past academics.

For an admission in IIM, there are factors other than CAT Percentile which are needed. Only after these factors are considered and cleared, does one get a PI call.

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IIM Shillong Selection Stages

In order to get a call from an IIM, you need to make sure that you meet their minimum requirements. You can get a 99.99%ile but if you miss the sectional by just 0.01%ile - you will not get a call.

For any IIM, the selection process is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 - Where the candidate aims to get shortlisted.

The candidate, based on their profile (Work ex, Gender, Class 10 grades, Class 12 grades and finally CAT scores) is shortlisted from the entire pool of candidates who have applied.

Only those candidates who have the minimum cutoffs required are first filtered.

From the rest of the candidates, the students are selected as per the college's wish. Since it is a Top 10 college in India, IIM K gets a lot of flexibility with regards to the quality of the crowd. The process becomes very competitive and cutoffs go very high. Exceeding the 99%ile mark in most cases.

Part 2 - Where the aim is to get selected.

The candidates are now fighting a very different battle. The students are now in-competition with the best of the minds. Students will now have three rounds -

  1. Personal Interview
  2. Written Ability Test
  3. Resume Selection

These aren't knockout rounds but all three are taken for all the students. Only a student that can manage to ace all three can think of getting a call.

IIM Shillong Component Weightage

The figures mentioned below have been taken from their most recently published report on admissions requirement for the year 2023-25. As you see below, you interpersonal skills matter most to them followed by you CAT score.

This weightage is different - depending on the requirements of the college.

For example, certain colleges place more weight on Diversity while others on Grade 12, this function and the factors involved, naturally, are out of one's control.

Work Experience Score10%
Gender Diversity Score5%
Class X grades5%
Class XII grades10%
PI Performance40%
Overall CAT Score30%

IIM Shillong Minimum Section-wise Cutoffs

The figures presented below were based on the guidelines issued by IIM Shillong in the year 2023. Therefore, these were valid for CAT 2023.

We cannot be sure whether these will continue in the future.

OT (General)757575

IIM Shilong Cutoff FAQ's

1. Can I get IIM Shillong at 92 percentile?

It is not impossible to get a call at 92%ile. The definite answer to this question is not possible unless we look at the overall profile. If you are a non-engineer female with very strong acads and some work experience, there is a significant probability that you will clear the shortlisting at IIM Shillong. However, it cannot be made certain whether you would be able to convert it as that is dependent also, on your interpersonal skills.

2. Does IIM Shillong have an OBC reservation?

Because of certain state legislation, IIM Shillong does not have an OBC reservation. The minimal score needed to shortlist OBC candidates is 75/75/75 in the VARC, DILR, and QA sections, which is the same as the General Category/OT (as previously noted).

3. What is the safe score for IIM Shillong?

A safe score for IIM Shillong would be 98%ile for non-engineer candidates. In the recent past as well, many people have cleared IIM Shillong and received an offer of admission even though they did not have any extra diversity points.

4. Is Shillong a baby IIM?

No, IIM Shillong is not a baby IIM. Because it was established in the year 2007, it can be termed as a 'New' IIM or can be considered a Tier-2 IIM.


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