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by Tanaya Ahirrao 101 May 24, 2024

IIM Mumbai Cutoff's, originally known as NITIE, is a beacon of academic brilliance, We now know the reputation and importance of IIM Mumbai among the top B-schools in India. IIM Mumbai, previously known as NITIE has shown its importance for a number of reasons, including, placements, curriculum, alumni, infrastructure, etc. However, getting selected for its MBA program requires for you to clear CAT. CAT is the biggest challenge in any MBA aspirants journey to his dream B-school. Clearing cut-offs is the first step towards your selection at any B-school..

This blog explores the nuances of the admissions process at IIM Mumbai, with a particular emphasis on the category-wise cutoffs. We'll examine trends from previous years, discuss what to anticipate, and provide you with insightful knowledge so you can plan your CAT preparation wisely. Whichever category you belong to—General, OBC (NCL), EWS, SC, ST, or PwD—this blog will help you understand the cutoffs that really matter to you, giving you the tools you need to create a focused strategy to ace the CAT and get into IIM Mumbai.

IIM Mumbai CAT Cutoffs 2024

Until last year when IIM Mumbai was NITIE, only engineering students were eligible to get admission into this institute. Now, non-engineers are accepted into 2 out of 3 MBA courses offered by IIM Mumbai. In this blog, we will be discussing the cut-offs for the MBA Core program.

A general category applicant must score at least 85 in the CAT overall in order to be considered for admission to IIM Mumbai in 2024–2026. Admission to the full-time MBA courses at IIM Mumbai is available to those who have achieved the 85th percentile on the CAT 2023. The sectional cut-offs are expected to be at least 80 percentile.

IIM Mumbai CAT Cutoffs 2023

These were the cutoffs for IIM Mumbai's 2023 admission to get shortlisted for the Personal Interview round.

CategoryVARCDILRQAOverall Percentile

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IIM Mumbai (NITIE) CAT Cutoff 2022 PGDIM

CategoryCutoff Percentile

IIM Mumbai (NITIE) CAT Cutoff 2022 PGDSM

CategoryCutoff Percentile

IIM Mumbai (NITIE) GMAT Cutoff 2022 PGDMM

CategoryCutoff Marks



Please note that these are only the minimum percentile required, however, the actual cut-off for 2023 for the PGDIM program at IIM Mumbai (NITIE) was 97 percentile for general category, 65percentile for ST/ST, and 75 percentile for OBC and PwD candidates.

On the other hand, the cut-off for the PGDISEM course was 86 percentile for general category candidates, 65 percentile for SC/ST, and 75 percentile for OBC and PwD candidates.

IIM Mumbai (NITIE) CAT Cutoff 2021 PGDIM

CategoryCutoff Percentile

IIM Mumbai (NITIE) CAT Cutoff 2021 PGDSM

CategoryCutoff Percentile

  • The anticipated cutoff information is provided solely for guiding purposes. IIM Mumbai will make official cutoffs public closer to the time of admission on their official website at
  • Cutoffs are crucial, but a comprehensive profile is more beneficial. To present a well-rounded application, emphasise your coursework, extracurricular activities, work experience (if available), and SOPs.

Strategies and Tips to get into IIM Mumbai

Focused and organized CAT preparation is necessary to get into IIM Mumbai. The following advice will help you get started:

  • Start Early: Give your CAT study Material and practice sessions enough of time. Start at least 7-8 months ahead of the test.
  • Pay Attention to Every Section: The CAT evaluates your skills in quantitative ability (QA), logical reasoning and data interpretation (LRDI), and verbal ability and reading comprehension (VARC). Aim to maximize your strong section first, then work on maximizing your weaker sections.
  • Analyses and Mock Exams: Take practice exams frequently to get a feel for the real CAT experience and to see your areas of strength and weakness. Examine your performance in detail and focus on areas that require improvement. 99 percentilers in CAT highly recommend taking Cracku's Dash CAT mock test series. These mocks are carefully curated by 4 times CAT 100 percentiler and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus.
  • High-Quality Learning Materials: Cracku's dashboard has various free resources including topic videos, mocks, and daily targets. All the CAT 99 percentilers and toppers recommend Cracku's Free Daily Targets.

A dedication to excellence, concentrated study, and strategic planning are necessary to crack CAT for IIM Mumbai. You may improve your chances of getting into this esteemed B-school by comprehending category-specific cutoffs, examining patterns from previous years, and putting a thorough study plan into action. Never forget that IIM Mumbai is waiting for you; start your CAT preparation with Cracku's comprehensive courses now!

Also, if you haven't read the previous blogs on IIM Mumbai, Cracku recommends you to read those too to get a clear picture and deeper insights into the college information, admission process and placements.

IIM Mumbai Cutoffs (FAQs)

Q. What is the cutoff for IIM Mumbai?

A. The expected cutoff for CAT in IIM Mumbai is 85 percentile overall and 80 percentile section-wise cutoff.

Q. Which IIM has the least cutoff?

A. The minimum cutoffs are typically much lower than the actual final cutoffs. For example, the minimum qualifying CAT cutoff at IIM Ahmedabad is 85%, whereas the final cutoffs for general applicants reached up to 99%.

Q. How many hours should I prepare for CAT?

A. You should try giving as much time as possible for CAT preparation even if you are starting early. This would help you in finishing the syllabus early as well as give you more time to improve you performance in mocks and in turn the D-Day. Having said that, students take 1 week to study one chapter thoroughly and in depth.

Q. Can I get 99 percentile by self study?

A. Many students have topped the CAT by scoring 99 percentile or more through self-study. A student can choose to prepare for CAT on his own if he can grasp all the concepts easily and see improvement in his mock score while simultaneous preparation.

Q. How many attempts for a CAT?

A. The CAT can be taken only once every year on a date specified by the convening IIM. The date on which the CAT will be conducted is announced by the convening IIM in July or August of every year. There is no restriction on the number of attempts you can take the CAT and no upper age limit.


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